The Genotoxicity of Cell Phone & WiFi EMF Radiation

While the body of known science on the bioeffects of EMF exposure is increasingly large (extending back to at least 1926, when a surgeon with the US Public Health Service recognized that doses of ultra-shortwave EMF could kill mice) as I’ve said in prior posts, it is not currently possible to provide precise answers to questions such as, “what is my increased risk of developing a brain tumor from using Google Glass?” The science of bioeffects of EMF exposure is still quite incomplete, as well as complicated, at the intersection of physics, chemistry and biology.
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Glass Featured

My Measurements of Google Glass EMF Emissions

I’ve been posting measurements of emissions from Google Glass (primarily on Google+ and Twitter) and will continue doing so. But I felt it would be helpful to post a general summary of my readings in one location. This post is not meant to explain any risks associated with the measurements (I tried to introduce an approach to that subject in my prior post). This post focuses on reporting a summary of the measurements I’ve recorded.
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Straddling the Grid, the Digital Divide, and Interstate-5, from Venice Beach to Umpqua National Forest