OSMF 0.9 Updated Flash CS4 Sample

While I’ve been away from the blog in the past several weeks, it seems that there have been two iterations of the Open Source Media Framework — the last course I wrote was in OSMF7 and now we’re at 9.

And, of course, between these two versions, the sample code in my courses posted at Adobe has become unusable.

After getting a few email requests from developers, I decided tonight to sit down and update the files for the first course — the course in building a progressive video player in OSMF.

So, if you would like, you can get that update here.

The primary difference is that basically EVERY EVENT has changed names and types. So I had to hunt them down through the documentation, one at a time — which I did. And also, they changed the name of the media player instance — again — this time, to ‘media’ (nee ‘player’, nee ‘element’).

Please note that I didn’t really update the comments to reflect the changes to the event names and locations.

And if you’re all very, very, very nice, I might consider updating the files for the Dynamic Multibitrate Streaming Player also ;)

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